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Barclaycard in the Nordic region - EnterCard

We first entered the Nordic region, comprised of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and their associated territories, in 2005 when EnterCard was created. It was the result of a partnership with Swedbank, a leading bank in Sweden and Norway.

In a relatively short period, EnterCard has grown to become one of the main credit card issuers in the region. Thanks to responsible lending policies and a product range that understands and anticipates customer needs, we've issued over 1.5 million credit cards to date.

Our offices and people

Today, EnterCard has more than 300 employees, based in offices in and around Stockholm, Oslo, Trondheim, Copenhagen and Helsinki.

Products and services

We offer credit cards both under our EnterCard brand name and on behalf of partner brands, who value our autonomy from local banks.

Personal products

If you need a secure payment method that you can easily accommodate into your everyday life, our credit cards could offer you that flexibility. They are accepted around the world so you can pay in local currencies when abroad.

Our partner cards

We offer a range of membership cards that benefit both our partners and customers. Our commercial partners value improved customer loyalty and profit margins, while cardholders enjoy the discounts and rewards that may be on offer.

Currently, we have successful partner cards with well-known brands such as Coop, LO and FDB.

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