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Meet our Executive Committee






Philip McHugh

Chief Executive Officer, Barclaycard Global Business Solutions





Why did you choose to work for Barclaycard?

I joined Barclays several years ago because I was excited by their ambition to be a leading universal bank. That remains true today. Within Barclays, Barclaycard has always been a fantastic global business with a great culture. Joining the Barclaycard team was an easy decision.

What inspires you?

I truly enjoy coming to work and being surrounded by incredibly talented people trying to solve a problem. The continuous process of absorbing a lot of information and trying to figure out the best strategy to win in a dynamic environment is always exciting.

Tell us something that would surprise people.

Although I look and sound very American, I was actually born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My mother is from Poland, and my father is from Manchester. I was lucky to grow up in a very international environment.

What was your first job, and what did you learn from it?

In school I was a swim coach, which was a great way to build leadership skills. My first professional role was within a textile machinery manufacturing company in Halifax, Yorkshire. Working outside of banking was incredibly valuable and still helps me today when we discuss client needs.

What is your proudest achievement at Barclaycard?

Building a great team across global finance, legal and compliance functions. It’s not only about the talent but also how the leadership team works together in a very open and collaborative way.

What one attribute would you like to be known for?

There are many words I would like to use like hardworking, dedicated, energetic, driven, smart (hopefully a few would say that), but mainly balanced. No matter what the situation is, it is always important to have perspective, to avoid hubris, to listen and make a balanced decision.

Previous Roles

Finance Director - Global Retail and Commercial Banking, Barclays
Chief Financial Officer - Latin America Retail Banking Division, Citigroup
Marketing and Analytics Director for International Personal Banking - Citigroup
Product Manager for Credit Cards in Brazil - Citigroup